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Vacation Rental House Cleaning

January 10th, 2019 · No Comments

The rise of Airbnb and HomeAway rentals has led to a growing demand for house cleaning services. The reason is simple: guests expect a clean home.

A thorough cleaning of vacation rental homes is essential as each incoming guest(s) has high expectations for cleanliness. Much like a hotel room, when a guest walks in the home it should look clean and smell fresh. Unlike a hotel room, the job is typically much larger due to there being more bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and often a laundry area. All of these areas must be detailed to perfection in order to impress each new guest.

In addition to the level of cleanliness expected from incoming guests, the cleanings must usually be performed quickly. It is not unusual for a new guest to check-in to a vacation rental just 5 hours after the previous guest checks out. This can create a stressful situation for the owners or managers. In order to help lessen their stress, most owners and managers do not clean the homes themselves but prefer to hire a professional cleaning service.

Good cleaning companies come prepared to take on the huge responsibility of readying a vacation home for the next guest. They are quick, efficient and responsive to the owner’s requests. It is important that the cleaning company has a cleaning check-list that not only covers the basics but, also, any special requests from the owner or manager.

The best cleaning services not only take care of the house cleaning but differentiate themselves by alerting the owner/manager of any potential needs or risks. For example, Clean Freak Cleaning Services communicates whenever we notice that anything is broken or damaged by the previous guest who stayed in the vacation home. This allows the owner/manager to repair anything that is broken and charge the guest for what they damaged during their stay. Further, we update the owner/manager when house supplies such as laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, etc are running low. This allows for sufficient time to re-order the supplies that are running low before stocking out and running into a problem with future guests.

If you are in need of a home cleaning service that pays attention to the fine details during each job and make the effort to go above and beyond expectations, please reach out to us. Whether you need a vacation home cleaned, a deep cleaning or just a regular cleaning for your home, condo or apartment, we are here to help!