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Spring Cleaning Service in El Cajon

Spring cleaning service in El Cajon is the perfect compliment to your own cleaning as the weather starts to get hot. Cleaning companies can do much of the cleaning, but there are some things they don’t usually do, or are better left to the homeowner. Spring cleaning is a deep house cleaning and usually involves a top to bottom cleaning of every room in the house. Depending on how large your residence is, to do it all yourself would take many hours of tedious labor. Families sometimes get all family members involved in the cleaning, but depending on how old the children are, it may require more effort just to supervise the younger kids as they clean.

When doing a thorough cleaning it is best to do some yourself and to hire a spring cleaning service in El Cajon to do the remainder of the work. Here is a checklist of chores involved in a spring cleaning and what tasks are usually completed by cleaning services.

Spring Cleaning Service Checklist

Though different companies may offer different services, there are ones that are commonly done in a spring cleaning. Remember to verify and agree on what services they will do and for how much before they come to your house. Some services are part of the basic package while others involve an added cost. Don’t be surprised or disappointed – know what they are going to do before they arrive at your door! A spring cleaning service in El Cajon will normally do the following:

Deep clean all bathrooms – scrub the showers, bathtubs, toilets, and sinks while also mopping the floor. Some will also clean the tiles and the grout.

Deep clean the kitchen – wipe all surfaces, clean under the cabinets and appliances (without moving them), clean the stove, mop and perhaps wax the floor. Some companies may also offer oven cleaning.

Deep clean the living areas – vacuum all rugs and carpets, mop and possibly wax floors, dust all surfaces, and clean baseboards. You may find a spring cleaning service which will clean ceiling fans and windows.

Deep clean all bedrooms – in a similar fashion as the other living areas.

There are some home cleaning tasks that a spring cleaning service in El Cajon will not do. They will usually not clean patio furniture, clean a grill, wash windows, sweep patios, or store clothing. They also do not pick up the clutter – you should do that before they arrive as it will only slow them down and possibly result in a higher cost. Cleaning companies will not usually perform outdoor cleaning services. When yo hire a spring cleaning service in El Cajon, it helps if you assign specific chores to your family which are not done by services, pick up the clutter, and then let them do their work.

Spring Cleaning Service in El Cajon