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Spring Cleaning Service in Coronado

Spring cleaning service in Coronado is a great way to get your residence cleaned up and looking new for the summer. The start of the spring season is a time for renewal and refreshing your home’s look for the season is a great way to usher in the warm weather. Residential cleaning is a big business. Even the lackluster economy hasn’t slowed the industry – it is estimated that the cleaning industry will be a $16 billion industry in 2013.

But, before you hire someone to cover over and refresh your place for the spring, there are some steps to take to ensure a positive experience and not get taken to the cleaners by the cleaners. Here are some helpful hints for anyone looking to hire a spring cleaning service in Coronado.

Get an Accurate Estimate

The best way to begin your search is to peruse various online classifieds for cleaning services. Once you have found several services, the next step is to check their reputation on online reviews. Once you have narrowed down your choices to a few selections, it is time for an estimate. Many people get an estimate over the phone or even by email. However, the best way to get an accurate preview of the costs is an in-person estimate. Having the service provide an in-home estimate allows them a picture of the needed work and provides you with a sense of security that the work will be done for the stated amount.

Look for Discounts

When searching for a spring cleaning service in Coronado, always look for discounts or coupons. Many have specials listed in their online classifieds ads, while others have coupons or specials on their websites. Some offer discounts for repeat customers, others offer discounts for referrals, and there are even a few times that group discounts are available. It only takes a little effort and time, but looking for and asking about discounts and coupons can save big money.

Clean for the Cleaners

Yes, it sounds a bit absurd, but cleaning up before the cleaners come over will save money. If you contract to have a certain amount of rooms done, the cleaners may not be able to finish the task because of excessive clutter. If you contract for a certain time, they may get far less done than you thought. Your clutter slows them down. Spring cleaning service in Coronado is designed for deep cleaning – you do not want them to waste their time or your money on picking up clutter.

Ask Questions and Ask More Questions

Before you hire someone, ask them any question you have. How are their employees screened, do they have references, do they have insurance, what type of cleaning products to they use? The more you know, the more informed decision you will make, and the more likely you will be happy with the spring cleaning service in Coronado.

Spring Cleaning Service in Coronado