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House Cleaning in La Jolla

House cleaning in La Jolla is a chore that is often dividend between the working spouses. But, are these chores divided equally or are the divisions between the sexes still a sign that they haven’t quite gained equal footing with men? Recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics portray an unequal split between the sexes when it comes to chores: The data shows that women spend 2.6 hours per day doing household chores while men spend 2.1 hours doing their share of the chores. The research also shows that 83 percent of women do some household chores every day, compared to only 65 percent of men. Are men lazy, insufferable pigs sitting on the couch watching TV as soon as they get home from work? The data doesn’t show this, but it is clear that women do more household chores, even if both spouses are working.

Hire House Cleaning in La Jolla to Make Your Wife Happy

Since women still do the majority of the household chore as the statistics suggest, and it is highly likely that do an even higher percentage of the cleaning, it would be a wonderful gesture for the husband to hire a cleaner, at least on a one-time basis. Men, you may not think hiring a cleaner is a romantic gesture, but you would be surprised what a great gift that would make. Most working women would think that a much better present than flowers or chocolate, some may even think it better than jewelry!

Hiring house cleaning in La Jolla would free up time for both spouses – to spend more time with the kids and with each other. Spending weekends with a toilet brush and a mop is not anyone’s idea of fun, so why not hire a professional to do the job right and allow you to pursue more leisurely and fun activities.

Before you Hire a Cleaner

When you hire a service, there are a few specific to consider before signing on the bottom line. Make sure their basic cleaning package covers everything you need cleaned. Most cover all the usual suspects – bathrooms, kitchen, vacuuming, dusting, mopping – but it is better to be safe than sorry. It is also wise to ask about any extra or special items you may want cleaned. Always have a quote from a company offering house cleaning in La Jolla that is set in stone before the cleaners come out – invoice surprises are not fun! You should also make sure the company has all the necessary licenses and current and comprehensive insurance. Don’t deal with a company that is uninsured or unlicensed – ever!

There is a real reason that cleaning is called a household chore – it is certainly a chore! No one likes to clean the house. But, there is an alternative – hire house cleaning in La Jolla to do the job for you.

House Cleaning in La Jolla

House Cleaning in La Jolla